• Listening to Creation Speak

    Dearly Beloved,
    We are gathered together...
    We are inextricably and inexplicably bound
    in a Mystery too deep for human understanding.
    Though your mind wrestles to comprehend,
    let your heart rest,
    rest in the truth of my good love.
    Though your emotions are stirred by circumstances
    allow your body to find safety in my providential care.

    Sorrow does deepen and widen your capacity
    for both joy and wisdom.
    Your dreams and desires,
    darkened by disappointment,
    will be defined by delight.

    While the past season has seemed arduous,
    it has shaped you for something new,
    something yet unseen.

    Wait patiently
    Wait hopefully
    Wait expectantly
    Wait in the knowledge
    you are deeply

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